Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Let's take a history stroll.....

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Welcome to the history carnival! It's raining here, so a perfect time to take a stroll through some history blogs as you can't do it outside (unless your weather is better than mine). With the American election heating up, we have a number of election related posts (and I thought that was particularly appropriate since we are at the American Presidents’ Blog), but we also have posts that span a variety of history topics. Have fun "strolling!"

American History
Been watching the news about hurricane season in the US? Check the Ike of the past – Galveston’s 1900 storm - from Scott at The Edge of the American West. On the same topic of American storms, check out Hoover’s involvement in the 1927 Mississippi flood at the American Presidents’ Blog.

Sewer-Sewist talks about WPA sewing projects to help employ women during the Great Depression.

Progressive Historians discuss if this is the end of the American Empire.
You can read about Gil Martin’s “ghost” and what the real story was at the Virtual Dime Museum.

EHT at History is Elementary discusses the “Disease of Washington.”

It’s Election Time!
Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for US President and you can read about her disabled son from Penny at Disability Studies, Temple U.

Another interesting American candidate is Eugene V. Debs, who Jonathan Rees talks about at Milestone Documents.

Jennie at Adam’s Brag Book (this is me, let’s be honest here) posted a letter Mamie Eisenhower wrote during the 1952 presidential election.

Lisa at Ramblings of a pseudo intellectual tried to figure out whether executive experience makes a good president. See what you think!

World History
Okay, that’s enough time in the US! Let’s "stroll" to some other interesting historical places!

As a way to move from the US to the rest of the world, Lauren at History Hoydens tells us about the South Sea Bubble as a way to make the current US mess not look so bad!

Miland at World History Blog muses on the importance of the horse in history.

Elizabeth Chadwick offers information on Mahelt Marshal.

For a look into Byzantium, you can check out Philobiblon.

Cardinal Wolsey blogs about Saint-Malo and the “Infernal Machine.”

Barista shares the beginnings of television starting with the first public broadcast from Nazi Germany.

Brett at Airminded has an entire series on the 1938 Sudeten Crisis up on his blog, complete with newspaper excerpts.

Think your navigation system is outdated? Check out this early one at Strange Maps.

Research and Writing
Check out Mercurius Politicus for information about digital history and early modern studies. You can continue this discussion with Gavin at Investigations of a Dog.

Larry Ferlazzo shares with us some tools for Online Timelines.

Check out Elizabeth’s post at Scandalous Women on the feud between Lillian Hellman and Mary McCarthy.

Next Carnival
For something fun to end with, try some Bath Buns by going over to The Old Foodie.

We’ll see you at next month’s carnival, which will be hosted by Penny at Disabilities Studies. You can submit to the history carnival here.


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Well done. Thanks for the links.


EHT said...

I can't wait to get started on all this reading. The carnival is the one best way I know to find more intersting blogs to visit!

Francisco Solares-Larrave said...

Thanks for all the blogs and the information!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Well done Jennie. Lots of great links to look through. I had no idea Victoria Woodhull had a disabled son.