Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quiz Time

Live Sicence recently reported that Americans flunked a three question political quiz. The three questions were what is the controlling party of the US House of Representatives, who is the Secretary of State and who is the British Prime Minister. Not a hard quiz at all - could you pass?

Anyway, that article explains why I was at Live Science and found this quiz on on bizzare US presidential elections. I actually found this a hard quiz - how did you do? If some of you post your scores, I might post mine (it embarrasses me).

They also have a recent article on a current hot topic - what it takes to be president where they look at the prolifes of our past presidents. This has been published in various places with the election looming.

On a more interesting note, they have an article on two mathematicians who devised an mathematical method to predict the next US president. As a mathematican myself, I found this very interesting (although I must say not that convincing). There is also an article on why presidential polls aren't not always accurate predictors (I found this much more convincing). In addition, there is a piece on how cell phones are skewing results. To me this is similar to the issues they had when they first started using telephone polling and since only a certain segement of society had phones, it meant skewed results.

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Greg said...

This is more for you personally rather than a comment (I didn't see an email link), but you might want to comment on this on the blog.
Its an article from UK's Guardian and its about U.S. Presidents in the movies. Interesting to note that Lincoln has been portrayed over 100 times!