Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting in the 2008 Presidential Election

It is the day of the 2008 Presidential Election and here is my election story. For the first time since I got married 13 years ago, I went to the polls to vote for President without my wife. She flew to Ireland last night. (She voted absentee ballot.) However, I did not go alone. My two sons (10 and 5) went with me and they were eager to go and "vote."

The polling place was at the elementary school of my sons. The district cancelled classes for the day. When we arrived about 8:30 A.M., it would have been the time when my boys would have normally been going to school. However, rather than dropping them off, they came with me and watched the voting process. (Although, as a result, I have to take the whole day off from work to watch them!)

Despite predictions of long lines due to a high registration rate of college students in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, there was no line. We got right through and I was able to vote immediately. I will not reveal who I voted for but both of my boys gave me advice on the way in on who to vote for in the Presidential race. This did not surprise me as both boys have been following the election and have been making political comments for months. (At 5, I was not doing this! The world has changed!)

I have my "I Voted" sticker. Both of my sons are proudly wearing their "I Voted" stickers too. It was painless and I am glad to have participated. Are you a registered American voter? If you haven't voted yet, go and do it! It will be another four years before you get to vote for this important office again. I don't care if you vote Democrat, Republican, or third party, just vote. And regardless who wins, support the winner as your President.

My youngest asked me after we left, "Who won?" I said I did not know yet. He was disappointed. He thought we would know right away. Hopefully, we will know tomorrow at this time. But who can tell? It might be another cliffhanger. Regardless, I voted. And my sons are proud.

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