Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Voted, Too!

We have already voted as well. My husband and I ended up going separately, but Adam got to go with each of us. You can see him here at the Ravenna Elks Lodge (our polling station) after voting with Mommy with his "I Voted" sticker on.

We didn't see any lines either, although Ohio has been voting for over a month now, so I think that probably mitigated the lines. Ohio has consolidated precincts with two precincts per polling location (at least in our area - I don't know if this is all counties) and we found this quite confusing as you have to know your voting precinct, not just your location, or you could stand in the wrong line. There are maps, but they are often hard to find (and if you are me, hard to figure out). I spoke with one of our friends who is going to have to go back to vote because she couldn't figure out which long line to stand in and didn't want to waste a hour or more just to start over again! She was going to go home and look up her precinct and then come back. Makes you wonder if this is going to turn some voters away! After what happened last election, you'd think Ohio would try to make everything easier not harder!

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