Thursday, December 04, 2008

Garrettsville Christmas Walk 2008

This home tour (four homes – this is small town Ohio) is sponsored by the James A. Garfield Historical Society and is a biannual event. This is the first time I’ve been up there and I was lured by the promise of “Crete’s Christmas.” One of the houses (the one pictured above) on this tour was the home of Zeb Rudolph, Lucretia Rudolph Garfield’s father, and she probably lived in this house (in a different location) as a child. Her father, Zeb, and his brother homesteaded on this property. This house is “post and beam” and was built in about 1820. The house was moved on the property at some point and added on to. While the other houses are all Victorian, you can clearly see the older style in this house. Lucretia, or “Crete,” would have spent a few years in this house before her father moved her for better schooling.

This was billed a walking tour, but I have to admit the houses were hard to find and quite far apart (given it was snowing) and we ended up driving to the last one, but we did manage to walk to the rest (well, Adam was in his stroller), which was better than most other visitors who we saw driving around. If you are ever in the area at this time of year, this is a fun diversion, but definitely not something to travel for (it was only a 20 minute drive for me). At $10, this is a nice fundraiser for the organization and not that expensive of a day.

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