Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This year's White House Christmas theme is "A Red, White and Blue Christmas." The pictue above is the Bushes in front of this year's Blue Room Christmas treet. Some fun facts from this year's tree:
  • The official White House Christmas Tree is an 18 ½-foot tall Fraser fir presented to Mrs. Bush by Jessie Davis and Russell Estes of River Ridge Tree Farms in Crumpler, North Carolina.
  • The tree is decorated with 369 ornaments hand-decorated by artists from around the country, who were selected by their members of Congress. Each ornament was specially designed to characterize the unique, patriotic spirit of the artist’s state, district, or territory. All Senators and Representatives were invited by Mrs. Bush to participate.
You can get a great look at the White House decorations this year on HGTV from their half hour presentation if you aren't one of the 60,000 who will tour the White House this holiday season.

You can browse some of the White House Christmas trees of past years, including the one above from the Clintons' 1998 holidays. This tree was "was based on the theme "A Winter Wonderland." The tree featured fabric snowmen ornaments, knitted mittens and hats, and painted wooden ornaments."

You can also see the now annual White House Menorah lighting. The picture above is President Reagan in 1986 with the "Friends of Lubavitch."

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas
and thanks you for a great blog. The American Presidency is a huge passion of mine and I read your blog quite often.
Kasper, Denmark