Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mrs. Kennedy’s White House Tour

Most of you probably know that Mrs. Kennedy gave a White House TV tour after starting work to restore the White House. You can find the entire tour (in parts) on YouTube and I'm putting it up here for you to enjoy to go with yesterday's post on Mrs. Bush's White House tour. I decided to try to find this after I watched that program and thought I'd only find parts, so was thrilled to be able to watch all of it (I was going to just put one part, but couldn't decide, so you'll see I'm posting all the parts). I found this so interesting because so many of the things Mrs. Bush pointed out were the same things that Mrs. Kennedy pointed out (like the copy of the Gettysburg address in the Lincoln Bedroom). In addition, you can really see how the present White House is an evolution of what Mrs. Kennedy was trying to start - the restoration of the White House to showcase the nation's history. You can even see a few pieces that she's started to restore that you see fully restored looking at the modern program (like the Treaty Table President Bush is using in his upstair's office). I'm including a brief overview of what's in each part, so you can pick the part you want to view if you aren't into watching all of it (like I did!).

Part 1 (this is mostly background on the White House and Mrs. Kennedy's mission. It includes mention of the bill that meant nothing could be thrown away anymore):

Part 2 (includes the East Room):

Part 3 (includes the State Dining Room and TR's mantle that Mrs. Bush also puts out):

Part 4 (includes the Red Room):

Part 5 (includes the Lincoln Bedroom):

Part 6 (has a cameo by President Kennedy):

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

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