Thursday, January 15, 2009

President Harding Portrait from Hair

How about a Presidential portrait made from human hair? It was done in 1921 for Warren Harding. The May, 1921 issue of Popular Mechanics noted:

Of all the varied portraits that are now familiarizing the people of the United States with features of their new president, none is more curious than the one recently completed by A. E. Goormachtig, a barber of Holland. The picture is made, with considerable skill and patience, entirely of human hair, using the natural shades of gray, white, black, and light blonde.

A special hat tip to Weird Universe, one of the best news sites on the Web.


Greg Bevier said...

That's interesting. It would figure that Harding would be the President that someone would do something this "strange" for.

I find President Harding fascinating because he's regarded as the worst President ever...unless you go to Marion, Ohio where they seem to think he got a bad rap.

Jennie W said...

I have to say that kind of grosses me out! A human hair portrait...but then hair jewelry was made for centuries and I don't get that either!

Actually, his house in Marion, OH, is AWESOME to tour, in my opinion.

M said...

Sorry to gross you out Jennie. :]

Brian said...

Very cool picture. I think history has been unfairly cruel to Mr. Harding. He wasn't a perfect president by any means, but I certainly don't buy that he was the worst. Take away the scandals (which weren't his doing) and his accomplishments are commendable, as was his ability to lead the nation. Surely this places him above presidents like Nixon, Buchanan, and Andrew Johnson.... ???