Wednesday, March 18, 2009

James Monroe in the American Revolution

I was looking around to find out more on Monroe's Revolutionary service record and found that the James Monroe Museum has an online video on it as well as this blurb:
It is a little-known fact that James Monroe not only served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, but also was wounded at the Battle of Trenton and nearly died from his injuries. How did young James Monroe make the decision to take up arms against the British and put his life on the line for the cause? How did that decision affect the rest of his life? In this exhibition, we explore not only Monroe's military career, but also his childhood and formative years, focusing on the people and events that made him into the man he was to become. Many of the weapons and implements Monroe carried into battle are displayed in the exhibition, as well as items of clothing from his college years, and furniture from his childhood home. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn exactly how involved James Monroe was in the war that created the United States of America.

I'll be honest, the video has good information, but a very bad monotone (in my opinion).

The other interesting tidbit I found out was that one of Monroe's descendants actually sued for back land payment from Monroe's service in 1874.

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