Monday, March 16, 2009

Military History Carnival

The Military History Carnival has been silent for awhile, but now it is back up and ready to go with its new guide, Battlefield Biker – thanks to TJ for agreeing to lead this carnival! Thanks to everyone who did submit a post to me – hopefully this will entice you all to send in more for next month as I had to contribute many of these myself!
At Military History of India you can read about Maharana Sanga’s military campaigns.

Executed Today tells about the beheading of an opium merchant by the Chinese government in 1839.

Eastern Europe
UKNIWM discusses Mary Seacole and the common soldier in the Crimea.

War and Games has a post on Bogomils’ Revolt.

American Civil War
Civil War History explains about life on Union gunboats.

At Battlefield Wanderings you can read about Forrest’s December 1862 West Tennessee Raid.

At the American Presidents’ Blog, they are looking at the Civil War record of General Rutherford Hayes.

Civil War Notebook has a report on Nathaniel Bradley Baker, the Adjutant-General of Iowa.

The Third Michigan Infantry Research Project is posting biographies of the men of the Third Michigan Infantry in the Civil War. You can read about Barnet Sampson Hopkins among others.

At Civil War Women you can read about Rebecca (Fanny) Haralson Gordon, the wife of CSA General John Brown Gordon.

War World I
Nick at “In Siberia” is telling the story of his great-grandfather, George Voegeli, from his journals, who was stationed in Siberia with the American Expeditionary Force at the end of the World War I.

At Ahoy you can read some letters from the Western Front in World War I.

The Blogger will always get through reports finding an intact trench!

World War II
World History Blog posted on Nazi propaganda in the Southern United States.

At the Australian War Memorial Blog you can read about the RAAF in India during World War II.

At James Holland’s Second World War Forum discusses the German Miracle of 1940.

You can read some excerpts from Field-Marshal Montgomery’s “Notes on the Occupation of Germany” at How it really was.

Military Medicine
Historic Battlefields goes over the Expectations of the RAMC field ambulance pre-1914.

The Intrepid Band lists the great military hospitals of 1902.

Book Reviews
TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog has an in depth book review of Shenandoah 1862 by Peter Cozzens.

Providentia reviews Psychological Warfare by Paul Linebarger, which is about propaganda.

Battlefield Biker surveyed the literature on the Creek War of 1813-14 (US) for us.

General Posts
At History is Elementary, you can read about 13 Battles that involved Thunderstorms.

At Crossed Sabers, you can study the history of Sergeants Majors in the 6th US Cavalry.

Out of Battle explains how letters reach soldiers in the field.

I hope you enjoyed this trip around the military blogging community. Remember that we need your input! If you are interested in being a future host, please contact Battlefield Biker – he would love some volunteers for the next couple of months!


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Thanks for including my review of Shenandoah 1862. I appreciate it. And thanks also for hosting this round of the Military History Carnival!

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I also want to send my thanks to you for including my Civil War Notebook post on Nathaniel B. Baker, Adjutant General of Iowa, in The Military History Carnival. It is greatly appreciated.

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