Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red Dresses

I mentioned the Red Dress collection, which is currently at the National First Ladies Library, earlier. Adam and I did take the time to make sure to see the entire display. The dresses themselves aren’t that impressive – they were chosen more for their color than their beauty, but still fun to see. What I really liked was that each dress had a letter from the First Lady with it on the importance of the collection. This collection actually also has a few dresses from other women – like Danica Patrick – and at the NFLL, at least, they were off in a back room, which amused me as many people might consider these more interesting (not me, though) and those women more well-known.

At the NFLL, this is part of a larger exhibit called Caring Hearts, which includes First Ladies like Lou Hoover and her focus on physical fitness for women.

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