Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lindbergh's arrival in DC

You might remember that I mentioned the LOC's National Recording Registry and the items on this year's list in an earlier post. Well, I went over the entire list and picked out the presidential ones to highlight here. I thought it would be a fun series. I already did Coolidge's inauguration, and now here is the speech that Coolidge gave on Lindbergh's reception in DC. You can hear the speech at the Spirit of St. Louis 2 Project (and a lot of other parts of this recording are there as well if you are interested in more on Lindbergh). You can also read the entire transcript of the speech.

I also found another story linking Coolidge and Lindbergh, as President Coolidge an award from National Geographic to Lindbergh as well.

Off-topic: I also found it really interesting the number of cultural recordings chosen that encompass such a wide variety of Americana. For instance, "Respect!" by Aretha Franklin is on the list as is "Nevermind." by Nirvana and the Star Wars soundtrack! So the entire list is definitely worth taking a look at for for personal enjoyment.

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