Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama the Robot

Thanks to Greg for this link!

At Disney World you can visit the Hall of Presidents to see past presidents. Barack Obama's robot will be unveiled on July 4th. The entire exhibit has been undergoing a face lift and will be ready on the 4th as well. President Obama helped in the creation of this robot and recorded its audio for it. Presidents Clinton and Bush also added their audio to this exhibit in the past.

The robot figure is as close to the original as it can be:
The Obama figure is the result of attention to minute details by Disney sculptors, animators, engineers and even anatomists who pored over presidential photographs and video of him and then drew on the latest advances in robotic technology.

Thus the audio-animatronic Obama purses its lips to pronounce its b’s and p’s in a way frighteningly evocative of the real one, and raises its hands, open-palmed, while shrugging its shoulders, in a way that can only be described as Obamaesque. Even the president’s wedding ring, with its braided design, has been recreated.

So something fun to look forward to if you plan on visiting Walt Disney World in the future!

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