Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama's Kenyan Gran Living in Spotlight

President Obama's Grandmother lives in Kenya. She is not an American citizen. Has this ever happened before? As might be imagined, she is rather popular right now. She is getting a lot of visitors. More details are available at Obama's Kenyan gran living in spotlight from CNN. I really hope she is getting some serious Secret Sevice protection right now.

From the article:

Once Barack Obama started out on the campaign trail to win the U.S. presidency another route has become well-trodden -- to his grandmother's home in Kenya.

Sarah Onyango Obama, in her 80s and born in the village, tries to meet everyone who makes the trip -- and some weekends that can mean hundreds of people.

With the publicity -- not all of it welcome -- has come police security but also some other benefits, including the power lines and repaired roads.

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