Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Churchill and Roosevelt

I found this short piece which talks about the relationship between FDR and Churchill. While the piece is a nice synopsis, what I really liked were the two links at the bottom of the page to the British Diplomatic Files and the Safe Files. If you follow these, you can see all the scanned original documents! Awesome! I enjoyed the file about Alaska.

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Unknown said...

I look forward to reading through the information on the links, especially the original British documents.
I have spent a number of years researching Churchill for a book I recently published called Churchill's Secret Skill's. Before starting out on the research I had no idea how intimate the relationship was between Roosevelt and Churchill. Britain owes Roosevelt and the American people a great debt of gratitude. Without the Lend Lease Bill, introduced long before Pearl harbour Britain would have faced a grim future.
In my book I have included the letter Churchill sent to Roosevelt to persuade him to push for Lend Lease. Churchill stated that it was the most important letter ever written by a British Prime Minister.

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