Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Presidential Visit to Alaska

Warren Harding was the first President to visit Alaska, which he did in 1923. I thought I'd share a few pictures of this trip from the State Archives of Alaska.
Mrs. Harding in Nenana
This is President Harding watching an airplane

The Hardings in Juneau - something interesting - notice someone else important in this picture (besides the then-current Governor of Alaska, Scott Bone)?


Scott said...

Did Sarah Palin see him from her house?? :-)

Jennie W said...

I don't think she's quite that old.:) Its a will-be president....

coriolan said...

My wife and I took a two-week tour of Alaska a few years back - when visting Skagway, our guides informed us of Harding's visit in July 1923. We were a little distracted, however, on account of that day's news from NYC and the Pentagon - our visit took place on 9/11/2001.

BTW, can we refrain from making snarky comments about contemporary political figures on this site? If you want to trash any of them, there are at least 10 trillion other locations in which you can indulge your sarcastic muse to your heart's content. I'd like to think we can nurture a few sites that maintain a more Olympian perspective.

M said...

"BTW, can we refrain from making snarky comments about contemporary political figures on this site?"

I will take responsibilty for approving the comment in question. EHT, Jennie, and I avoid modern politics for the most part on this blog. However, some readers do make snarky comments. I approve some and delete others depending on how "bad" they are.

And yes, you can see Russia from Alaska. It is a proven fact.

However, if you are a women running for top office in this country, prepare to be treated badly. Hillarly Clinton got savaged by the right and Sarah Palin is still being attacked by the left. I don't think we would see this level of intensity if either were men. This might make for an interesting post at some point.

Jennie W said...

I have a confession here - honestly I didn't get what Scott was referring to in his original post (I've since figured it out). I was just trying to follow up to give a hint to the question I'd asked. The answer is Herbert Hoover, by the way.

I was actually in Alaska for two weeks last month - I grew up there...hence why I was posting about it.