Wednesday, September 09, 2009

CSPAN's Life Portraits

CSPAN did a series on the American Presidents and you can access all the segements and watch them from one location. While this a neat series and there are lots of "extras" at this site, the video quality is very poor. The one nice thing is you have the option of watching the entire program or picking the portion you are interested in. Each segements started live from their home/historic site. For instance, the segement on Franklin Pierce started at the Pierce Manse in Concord, NH.


Unknown said...

You weren't joking about the video quality on those. If I didn't know which President I had clicked on I would have never been able to guess whose portrait I was looking at.

Also, why use .ram? Didn't know anyone used realplayer anymore. Someone needs to write CSPAN a letter and get them caught up on the last 9 years of Internet technology.

The content was pretty good though.

Jennie W said...

I thought the same thing - I was impressed by the content, but they definitely need to work on their video quality! It isn't like it hard to get good quality videos!