Friday, September 11, 2009

Who is this young man? (UPDATED WITH HINT)

I was in the mood for some fun - can anyone figure out who this young man is?

Okay, I decided it was time for a hint. He served in the Revolutionary War and died in October 1781 of camp fever.


Anonymous said...

Charles Adams?

Jennie W said...

Well, I'd have to ask - his son or his grandson? But alas, it is neither Charles Adams (and I'm going to say that it is NOT an Adams or Adams' descendent). But going with Charles Adams, the son of John Adams, you are actually fairly close.

M said...

OK, that was enough I think.

"November 5 John Parke ("Jacky") Custis, Washington's stepson, dies of camp fever at Yorktown." (

I don't think I could have ever have guessed that.

Jennie W said...

Yes, that's the correct answer - it was a hard one.