Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Do accept postage due mail?

Well, Zachary Taylor didn't and so he never recieved the notification that he was nominated for President as he refused to pay the postage! Someone finally arrived in person to tell him the news!

At this time, postage stamps were not mandatory in the US and Taylor had been receiving so mail from admirers (remember he was a famous general) that he couldn't afford the postage and so instructed his postmaster to refuse all postage due mail.


Wenonah4th said...

Do you know when the system reversed, so that the sender was he one to pay postage? I've always thought it was singularly backwards in the days that the recipient had to pay!

Jennie W said...

I'm no expert, but here is a short timeline of postal history: http://www.stamps.org/Kids/January/stamp_overview.htm . It's from the American Philatelic Society, so I'd be willing to trust their information.:)

It says 1855, which meshes with the page I referenced for my trivia (which is from the US postal history blog, which is sponsored by a stamp site, but seems reputable to me). The first stamps were issued in 1847, and the Taylor election in 1848 falls into the 8 year gap between the first stamps and requirement of their usage.