Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Michelle Obama on Sesame Street

You probably have to be the parent of a small child to understand the full importance of this, but the new season (the fortieth - Sesame Street is 40 today) of Sesame Street aired today. What is so important about this (to me and many other parents, I'm sure) is that the people at PBS choose to only air the current season and a few episodes from the one before that and do so repetitively. So that means in any given season, you see the same 10 to 15 episodes countless times. While kids don't mind, this grates on the adult mind (I have much more to say on this, but I'll spare you....if you want to hear it see my personal blog)! So I was quite excited to see a new episode - one I hadn't seen - on our DVR (yes, we DVR children's cartoons). And, guess who was on this new episode? Michelle Obama! So I thought I'd put up the footage from her segement for you all here. Michelle Obama is not the first First Lady to be on Sesame Street - that honor goes to Barbara Bush. Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush were also. I can see a kick coming...I might be putting these up if I can find them.

This is from today's episode (so the pilot of Season 40)

This is from a Sesame Street workshop on Healthy Habits for Life (obviously taped on the same day - same clothes - but it wasn't on the episode today)

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