Sunday, December 06, 2009

New Jefferson Letter Found

Never forget the potential of library gifts. As a librarian, I am used to having "junk" boxes dumped on me. I have had vanity press books, old comic books (with no value), and worthless records (phonodiscs), donated to my library. However, all donations are worth looking through. As the CNN article Student finds letter 'a link to Jefferson' indicates, take a look at every item donated!

From the site:

In a nondescript conference room tucked inside the library at the University of Delaware, a graduate student found a historian's equivalent to a needle in a haystack.

Amanda Daddona said she discovered a personal letter from Thomas Jefferson amid one of 200 boxes of legal documents, minutes from meetings and day-to-day correspondence of a prominent Delaware family.

"The first thing I recognized was his signature," said Daddona, 22, who is getting her master's degree in history. "It was really, really exciting. I just sat with it for a few minutes and looked it over and savored the moment."

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Anonymous said...

wow. i cannot imagine the trill of finding something so unique and unexpected.

a researcher could work their entire lives and never find an artifact such as that.