Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Secret Service and Santa Claus

Christmas in the White House can be exciting. Jennie has been doing a good job highlighting some of the great White House Christmas celebrations of years past. Naturally, Santa Claus has been a part of many of these special days.

With two children in the White House this year, the role of Santa Claus and the White House has gotten more complicated. Sources confirm that neither Sasha Obama (8) or Malia Obama (11) are on the Naughty List. Hence, they have earned a visit from Santa. However, super strict Secret Service protocols have thrown up barriers to Santa being able to land and deliver his gifts.

Reportedly, high level talks are occuring now between diplomats from the North Pole and Secretary of State Clinton. The American side is insisting that Santa needs to get security clearance, have his sleigh inspected, and agree to inspectors being on the flight. The North Pole is seeking "protection" of the mystery of Santa Claus and the right to keep Santa's integrity in tact. They also are demanding that all recording equipment be turned off for the event and that both Presidential Daughters be in bed by 9pm to facilitate the delivery. As Santa will be travelling as a Head of State on Christmas, he will have diplomatic immunity anyway and all involved believe everything will be worked out before tonight.

Assuming two girls can stay on the Nice List, this event will be happening for at least three more years. I imagine that the hard negotiating will be this year and future years will be a mere formality as the protocols that are established in 2009 will take hold.

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