Friday, January 08, 2010

FDR in Hawaii

The answer to yesterday's post was FDR, who was the first President to visit Hawaii:
Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president to visit Hawaii. He spent four days in July 1934, planting a kukui tree at Iolani Palace grounds and fishing for swordfish. His return in 1944 to meet with military leaders at the height of World War II was no secret to Honolulu residents who saw him about town in an open touring car. But it was not reported in the press until he was safely back in Washington, D.C.

All modern presidents have been to Hawaii:
All American presidents in the past 60 years have visited Hawaii, often as a rest stop on the way to or from a diplomatic mission in Asia and the Pacific....The longest visit by a top executive was President Harry Truman's monthlong vacation in 1953. But he received only a fraction of the public exposure surrounding Clinton-and-family's vacation week in July 1993 after his first G-7 economic summit in Tokyo. Thousands of islanders witnessed the swimming, golfing, shopping and impromptu restaurant stops of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea...Dwight D. Eisenhower was welcomed by 200,000 islanders in 1960, a year after he signed Hawaii into statehood. He spent four days golfing and relaxing on the way back from a goodwill tour of Asia.

All presidents have also been the USS Arizona since it become a memorial:
Every president has made a pilgrimage to the USS Arizona Memorial since it was named a national shrine May 30, 1962. All the presidents presented a wreath and tossed a flower into the channel.

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