Monday, January 11, 2010

First Lady Trivia Challenge

Here are a few trivia questions relating to First Ladies. You can answer most of these questions just by searching this blog. Please post a comment with your answers. I know Jennie normally makes these kind of posts but she is in Hawaii having a good time.

1. Who was the first First Lady to live in the White House?

2. Who was the first First Lady to have benefitted from plumbing in the White House?

3. Who was the first foriegn born First Lady?

4. Who was the first First Lady to appear on a TV sictom?

5. Which First Lady was the first to have her own Secret Service protection?

The first person to get all five questions right will receive a copy of The Mental Floss History of the World. I am in the process of moving and this book will go out as a gift to the winner of this trivia challenge. This seems preferable to donating the book or throwing it away.


Elisabeth M. said...

1. Abigail Adams
2. Abigail Fillmore
3. Louisa Adams
4. Nancy Reagan
5. Jackie Kennedy

M said...


Nice try but you missed two. I'll post the answers in a few days if no one gets them all.


Tamahome Jenkins said...

Here are my answers, although there may be some debate about #2.

1. Abigail Adams
2. This one kind of depends on the definition of plumbing, as rudimentary indoor plumbing was in the White House during Andrew Jackson's presidency. That would make Jackson's niece, Emily Donelson the first beneficiary of indoor plumbing. If you're talking presidential wives, though, then it would be Letitia Tyler, as Martin Van Buren's wife died before he became president and William Henry Harrison died before his wife ever entered the White House. However, a popular factoid is that Millard Fillmore was the first president to have indoor plumbing, so that would make Abigail Fillmore the first First Lady to benefit.
3. Louisa Adams
4. Betty Ford on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
5. Mamie Eisenhower

M said...


You are right that the answer to #2can be debated. I will give people the benefit of the doubt.

However, you answer to #5 is wrong.


Tamahome Jenkins said...

Blurg! I know what I should have guessed on #5, but I was going with LBJ authorizing Secret Service protection for presidential widows. If you don't get any more guesses, I think I know the answer.

Scott said...

#5 - Grace Coolidge, I think. Didn't Calvin have a fit when she went for a walk and her Secret Service agent was with her alone 'in the woods?'

M said...


Grace Coolidge is not the answer. However, President Coolidge did have a jealous fit over her long walk with a Secret Service Agent.

The First Lady, the Jazz Age, and the Death of America's Most Scandalous President by Carl Sferrazza Anthony, Florence Harding was the first First Lady to be assigned a Secret Service agent.

I'll declare Tamahome Jenkins the winner as he only missed one. Please send me your address to loren1mg at I'll send you the book.

Tamahome Jenkins said...

Thanks! I'll email you my address.