Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quiz: State of the Union knowledge

(President Reagan delivers the 1988 State of the Union Address. Future President George H.W. Bush is behind him in the Vice-president's seat.)

As you get ready to watch the State of the Union Address tonight, go and take a fun quiz at CNN. It is Quiz: State of the Union knowledge. There are ten questions. I was successful on nine of the ten. Strangely, I missed the very first question.

The White House is promoting tonights speech at State of the Union 2.0. The site notes, "From our live webstream to a free iPhone app, the White House is using technology to make sure the President's State of the Union Address reaches as many people as possible. Now we are excited to announce how President Obama will also be using the web to offer the public a direct and participatory way to communicate back to him. After the President's speech begins this Wednesday (1/27) at 9pm EST, anyone will be able to submit a follow-up question and vote on others at Then next week, the President will answer questions in a special online event, live from the White House."


Don said...

That can't be ...Tip O'Neil was Speaker then and that ain't him behind Reagan! Since Jim Wright was Speaker and Reagan was president, this would have to be 1987 or 1988...I say 1987, because I think I remember Reagan using the federal budget as a prop in that speech!

M said...


It is 1988. I mistyped! My apologies. It is of course not 1983. I have corrected the date in the post.