Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama and the 2016 Olympics

I was looking at various Olympics coverage (I admit, I'm excited!) and I saw this piece from earlier about President and Mrs. Obama going to Copenhagen to try to help Chicago get the 2016 Oympics (which Chicago didn't get - Rio did).

President Obama's decision to go to Copenhagen was criticized by some:
Although the White House says the trip was the right thing to do, some Republicans say it will have some consequences for the president.

"Other than people who like to cheer, 'We're No. 4! We're No. 4!' I don't know how this is anything but really embarrassing," Republican strategist Rich Galen said, adding that Obama's failed pitch will probably be the joke on Capitol Hill for weeks to come.

President Obama felt it was worth his time, though:
Upon returning to the White House on Friday, Obama expressed no regret about his trip, saying it is "always a worthwhile endeavor to promote and boost the United States."

"One of the things that I think is most valuable about sports is that you can play a great game and still not win," the president said. "Although I wish that we had come back with better news from Copenhagen, I could not be prouder of my hometown of Chicago."

White House senior adviser David Axelrod said that although the results were "disappointing," Obama did the best he could.

"The president made, I think, a very strong appeal, and it didn't work out. But it was well worth the effort. Any time this president has a chance to go and promote the interests of this country and promote the interests of a city or a state within this country on something of this magnitude, he's going to take that opportunity," he said.

President Obama is not planning to visit the 2010 Vancouver Games, but Vice President Biden will be attending. President Bush was the first president to attend a foreign Olympics when he went to China to attend the 2008 Games.

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