Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter Egg Roll Trivia

Here are some fun tidbits about Easter Egg Rolls of the past:
Some 53,000 people attended the egg roll in 1941 (73 children ended up being separated from their parents), though in modern times the number is generally under 20,000. Calvin Coolidge's wife mingled through crowds while holding a pet raccoon named Rebecca, while Mrs. Warren G. Harding put on the uniform of her beloved Girl Scouts for the event. Ursula Meese, wife of Reagan's Attorney General, donned a full-body Easter Bunny costume for six Easter Egg Rolls. Showcasing modern technology, Eleanor Roosevelt welcomed crowds and addressed listeners across the country via radio in 1933, while the Clinton administration proudly announced that 1998's egg roll would be the first broadcast on the Internet.

Washington being Washington, politics is rarely far from the celebration. Nancy Reagan personally called an 11-year-old girl to invite her to 1984's roll after learning that a campaign worker said the girl wouldn't be welcome due to her support for Walter Mondale.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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