Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Egg Roll

Anyone make this year's Easter Egg Roll? I didn't, but hey, looks fun (as if I have ever have...)! This year's theme was "Ready, Set, Go!" to dovetail with the First Lady's Let's Move initative.

And a little bit more trivia from year's past:
Patricia Nixon distributed certificates of participation as a souvenir to all egg rollers. First ladies Betty Ford and Rosalynn Carter distributed plastic eggs with printed notes inside from the first lady. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan arranged a hunt for wooden eggs printed with the signatures of famous people. Wooden eggs soon became the official White House Easter Egg Roll keepsake.

In 1969, a member of Patricia Nixon's staff put on a white fleece costume with ears, and so was born the tradition of an official White House Easter Bunny. When the event was canceled in 1984 because of rain, Reagan's staff — led by the wife of Attorney General Edwin Meese, wearing a disguise — organized a tour through the White House as consolation. Goody bags also were distributed.

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President Fan said...

love this resource , maybe next year ill get to roll eggs at the whitehouse :)