Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Nixon letters on Kent State Shootings

Today marks 40 years since the Kent State shootings and, as you can imagine, it's big news here in Ohio (plus my husband teaches at Kent State). So I thought I'd post something related here (as a note, if you want I posted the press conference awhile back). From the Ohio Historical Society's Ohio Memory Project, I found these two letters from Richard Nixon to Kent State's President, Robert White, on the shootings. The item description (you can view the actual image files of the letters at the site) tells us this:
President Richard Nixon sent these two letters to Kent State University President Robert I. White regarding the shootings of four Kent State students by National Guard troops on May 4, 1970. The first letter discusses the appointment of a presidential commission to investigate the shootings. In a second letter, Nixon suggests distributing to students a letter by J. Edgar Hoover encouraging them to avoid involvement with "extremist" groups.

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