Thursday, August 19, 2010

Found 1794 Document

A 1794 court document was found in the Eisenhower library. An archivist found it among letters written to Eisenhower:
Eisenhower's administration obtained the record when it was included in an October 1955 letter to Eisenhower from David Battan of Fresno, Calif. Battan wrote that he thought the president might "derive much enjoyment" from the paper. He also asked the president to sign a copy of his remarks made in Geneva to add to Battan's own collection of letters and papers.

A small scrap of paper loosely attached to Battan's letter and the document has a typed note saying that Battan is a "prolific writer" to Eisenhower and that it wasn't necessary to acknowledge it was received. Eisenhower's staff kept the document and it was shipped to Kansas to be part of the president's permanent records.

That must have been a fun find!

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