Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tidbit of the Week

One of my tourists told me that Ulysses Grant's father actually lived in Ravenna, Ohio as a child. This interested me because I live there now. Turned out he did, moving to Point Pleasant (where Grant was born) in 1820:
Jesse Root Grant, b. near Greensburgh, Pa., Jan. 23, 1794; d. at Covington, Ky., June 29, 1873; m. at Point Pleasant (or Bethel), Ohio, June 24, 1821, to Hannah Simpson [b. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 20 miles from Philadelphia, Nov. 23, 1798 (or 1799); d. at Jersey City, N. J., May 11, 1883; daughter of John Simpson and Rebecca Weir]

Resided at Ravenna, Ohio; removed in 1820 to Point Pleasant, to Georgetown, Ohio, in 1823, in 1841 to Bethel, Ohio, and to Covington, Ky., in 1854; tanner and wholesale dealer in leather and hardware; postmaster of Covington several years.

Probably this is really only interesting to me, but you are stuck with it as well.

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