Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eisenhower: I will go to Korea

So I spent a week on Vietnam, I'm on to Korea now.:) I'm going backwards, I guess!

I found this article on Eisenhower's campaign and the issue of Korea:
"The biggest fact about the Korean war is this: it was never inevitable, it was never inescapable. No fantastic fiat of history decreed that little South Korea—in the summer of 1950—would fatally tempt Communist aggressors as their easiest victim. No demonic destiny decreed that America had to be bled this way in order to keep South Korea free and to keep freedom itself self-respecting.

"We are not mute prisoners of history. That is a doctrine for totalitarians, it is no creed for free men.

"There is a Korean war—and we are fighting it—for the simplest of reasons: because free leadership failed to check and to turn back Communist ambition before it savagely attacked us. The Korean war—more perhaps than any other war in history—simply and swiftly followed the collapse of our political defenses. There is no other reason than this: we failed to read and to outwit the totalitarian mind . . .

"World War II should have taught us all one lesson. The lesson is this: To vacillate, to hesitate—to appease even by merely betraying unsteady purpose—is to feed a dictator's appetite for conquest and to invite war itself. That lesson—which should have firmly guided every great decision of our leadership through these later years—was ignored in the development of the Administration's policies for Asia ..."

If you all remember, they quote part of this speech (entire speech here) on an episode of MASH, just a random fact.

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