Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Living Room Candidate

I found this awesome online exhibit (this may find its way into my lecture notes....) called the "Living Room Candidate," which talks about how media is used in presidential campaigns. Ike's 1952 campaign had a focus on the issues of the day, one of which was Korea:
In each of the simple, twenty-second spots, Eisenhower responded to a question from an "ordinary citizen." The questioners—tourists enlisted near Radio City Music Hall—were photographed looking up, as though gazing at a hero. Eisenhower’s folksy responses, which he read from large cue cards, were used to create forty commercials, all filmed in one day in a Manhattan studio. The spots were designed to establish Eisenhower as a plainspeaking man in touch with the people. They repeatedly focused on three issues cited by polls as the voters’ main concerns: the Korean War, corruption in government, and the high cost of living.

This exhibit goes all the way through the 2008 campaign and you can look up by candidate, by type of commerical, all kinds of thing. In essence, a really great way to spend some time.:)

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