Thursday, September 23, 2010

Truman to the UN

I saw that President Obama addressed the UN today, so I thought I'd pull an older UN address for you - this from President Truman.

This site (the Truman Library) offers a lesson plan, the transcript as well as the audio.
Here is one of the questions as wel as part of the speech that deals with it:
From listening to the excerpt, what can you tell about President Truman's feelings toward refugees?

The Assembly now has before it for adoption the
constitution of another specialized agency in this field--the International
RefugeeOrganization. It is essential that this Organization be created in time
to take over from UNRRA as early as possible in the new year the tasks of caring
for and repatriating or resettling the refugees and displaced persons of Europe.
There will be similar tasks, of great magnitude, in the Far East.

The United States considers this a matter of great
urgency in the cause of restoring peace and in the cause of humanity

I intend to urge the Congress of the United States to
authorize this country to do its full part, both in financial support of
theInternational Refugee Organization and in joining with other nations to
receive those refugees who do not wish to return to their former homes for
reasons of political or religious belief.

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