Friday, January 21, 2011

Who is this house associated with?

I'm currently on houses if you can't tell. So can you figure this one out?
Hint: You could buy this house if you wanted as it is currently on the market and privately owned, but a president did, at one time, live here.
Hint 2: This is a boyhood home of a president.
Hint 3: See the comments as that will give you an approximate birthdate.
This is Truman's boyhood home in Independence, Missouri. It is privately owned and was a B&B, but being that it is currently for sale, I'm not sure if that's still true. If anyone knows, let me know. You can check out three Truman homes.


Darrel said...

Ronald Reagan?

Jennie W said...

No, this president was born about 30 years before Reagan (who was born in 1911 if you didn't know).

David said...

Harry Truman

Jennie W said...

And David has it! This is Harry Truman's boyhood home in Missouri.