Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dolley's Squeezes

I was reading this blog post on Dolley Madison's "Wednesday Squeezes," which prompted me to find more information.

So what was a "Wednesday Squeeze?"
With an astute sense of purpose and considerable charm, Dolley Madison navigated the waters of Washington society in an unprecedented way. She brought together disparate groups of politicians, diplomats, and local residents in a social setting. Weekly parties, called "Wednesday drawing rooms," or "Mrs. Madison's crush or squeeze," provided a relaxed atmosphere for politicking and mingling. With no invitation required, these parties sometimes attracted four hundred guests. Some individuals who rarely associated with one another found themselves together at the White House. Even a boycott by President Madison's opposition party, the Federalists, fizzled when members realized there was no political advantage to staying away.

You can check out this video, which is on the socials and was deleted from the PBS documentary on Dolley. You can also view the ENTIRE documentary if you want - I love that they put so much completely online! Kudos to them - if you want to see any of their documentary check out their site - it is probably there!

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