Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bigfoot for President 2012

Ah, it is almost time for another Presidential Election! In addition to the Presidential primaries and the general election, we will get to enjoy fringe and hoax campaigns. Bigfoot for President 2012 is the first I have seen for the 2012 campaign. I will try to document new ones as I see them here.

A few quotes from the site:

"Political veiws, not a Democrat, and not a Republican, I belong to a brand new party, called: Do the right thing, Or I'll take your but, Out to the woodshed, and kick it."

"America deserve's better, than you, Democrat and Republican's!!!"

"Well thank-you, for reading about me, I really care, about this great nation, and all of it's inhabitant's. That's why I, Bigfoot am running for President in 2012."

"And yes Abraham Lincoln, was actually, a clean shaven sasquatch."

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