Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Facebook and Presidential Museums

Yesterday's post had me starting to wonder which other presidential museums were also on Facebook. I actually found quite a few! I recommend finding your favorite and checking it out! What I found is that there are many "dummy" pages with just Wikipedia articles (eww....) on them, but if you do some looking you can find some real sites that will then give you updates on your favorite library and museum like yesterday's Truman Library Page. I am still looking, but I've found a couple to share (this is just what I've found recently, not any specific list). I did find that they tend to link each other, which is helpful!

This is just some places to find up to date information on your favorite places. I don't personally use Twitter, but we've featured a few Twitter sites before (John Quincy, Lincoln and the White House). Don't forget your favorite museums when you are using your social networking!

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