Friday, March 04, 2011

Presidents at Disneyland

I posted on Nixon's visit to Disneyland awhile back, but Greg sent me this blog post about more presidential visits to Disney, so I thought I'd post this as well. What's interesting, as you can see from this post, is that current presidents are less likely to visit, although they are all represented as robots in the Hall of Presidents (that's Disney World, for clarification, while this post is about Disneyland).

This is their tidbit on Harry Truman's visit:
Today's first photo [you'll have to go visit to see it...], above, shows Harry and Bess Truman cruising down Main Street, U.S.A. in 1957. It's said that he would not go on the Dumbo ride, because of his aversion to "Republican" elephants.
It seems Truman and his entourage didn't have to stand in lines, and that they moved at a good clip, experiencing most of the park's high points in under two hours. The L.A. Times reported, "For the most part, Mr. Truman headed the parade of sight-seers, breasted only by one or two of the brisker-walking park officials and politicians. Mrs. Truman and other members of the party often trailed far behind."

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