Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mittie Roosevelt

Well, my game must have been easy as someone got it right away! Yesterday's picture was of Mittie Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt's mother.

Some information on Mittie:
Martha, or "Mittie" as she was more commonly known, was born in Hartford where her mother (also Martha) was visiting a step-son and escaping the blazing summer heat of the family's early home in Savannah. Mittie was initially raised in Savannah, but the family moved to Roswell when she was about five.

Roswell, Georgia, located about about 20 minutes north of Atlanta, was and is the site of Bulloch Hall, the Bulloch Family estate. Mittie's southern roots, her two brothers fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War, brought an added dimension to the Roosevelt household. TR's father did not fight actively in the War, although he supported the Union war effort in many other ways, largely, it is believed out of sensitivity to his wife's relatives. Mittie, surreptitiously sent "care packages" of medicine and supplies to the southern effort.

TR's mother, Mittie, and his first wife, Alice Lee died in the same home, on the same day, a few hours apart. Mittie died of typhoid. This double tragedy, 2 days after the birth of his first child, also named Alice, affected TR greatly. At the time, TR was an Assemblyman in the State Legislature of New York State. He returned there for a few months and then made a temporary career and life change. Leaving his infant daughter in the capable hands of his older sister Bamie, he headed west to Medora North Dakota and for a few years lived his life as a rancher.

Both the impact of TR's southern roots and his experiences after the tragedy of his mother's death, contributed to his understanding of the dynamics of Americans of many walks of life as he served in the various national offices he held during his lifetime.

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