Thursday, August 04, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday, Mr. President!

President Obama turned 50 today. He is now one of three presidents to turn 50 in office - who were the other two?

So what was Obama's birthday like?
After spending the morning of his milestone birthday working in the Oval Office, the president headed to the Blue Room of the White House for a celebration with top aides. White House chefs were spotted cooking chicken and burgers on outdoor grills.

Later, Mr Obama was celebrating with family and friends, including some who came in from his hometown of Chicago, in the Rose Garden. The president's oldest daughter, Malia, also made it home from summer camp in time to celebrate her dad's 50th.

Even on her husband's birthday, Michelle Obama couldn't resist poking fun at his greying hair.

...During a video conference with some of the more than 1000 birthday-theme house parties his supporters held coast-to-coast yesterday, Mr Obama got a serenade from a group in North Carolina, while supporters in Ohio held up signs wishing the president a happy 50th.

The Obama family will cap their birthday celebrations with a weekend trip to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland.

Check out this site for other presidential birthdays. Here's a fun tidbit on FDR's birthday:
At one of the 6,000 parties thrown in honor of Franklin Roosevelt's birthday in 1934, 52 young girls — one for each year of the President's life — paraded through New York City's Waldorf-Astoria hotel wearing frothy white satin-and-chiffon gowns topped with hats shaped like triple-tiered birthday cakes. Each carried in her right hand a long pink electric candle. Clumping into the shape of a birthday cake, they held the candles over their heads, switched on their battery-powered flames and sang "Happy Birthday to You." (Roosevelt also received numerous real cakes among the hundreds of gifts sent to the White House; one, from Los Angeles, weighed 250 lb.)

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