Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ike's Veggie Soup

So it is raining here, so soup sounds good! I saw this post on Prologue's blog for Ike's favorite vegetable soup:
According to the Eisenhower recipe, a good beef soup bone and a couple of pounds of beef or mutton are essential for flavoring. All of the meat should be placed in a kettle along with five quarts of water. It is important at this point to add a teaspoon of salt, a dash of black pepper, and some chopped garlic or onion. Once these instructions have been followed, the soup should be left to boil until the meat literally falls off of the bone.

Next, the kettle and stock should be placed in a very cool setting all night and until you are ready to make your soup the next day. A hard layer of fat will form on top of the stock, but it can be easily removed because the kettle will have jelled nicely. If you prefer a very rich and hearty soup, only remove half of the fat.

Now it gets easier! Heat the kettle until it bubbles and then begin mixing in your vegetables. Do not dump the vegetables in all at once, though, because some will cook more quickly than others.

The vegetables used by President Eisenhower are:
1 qt. can of canned tomatoes
½ teacupful of fresh peas
2 normal sized potatoes, diced into cubes of about half-inch size
2 or 3 branches of good celery
1 good-sized onion. (sliced)
3 nice-sized carrots diced about the same size as potatoes
1 turnip diced like the potatoes
½ cup of canned corn
A handful of raw cabbage cut up in small pieces

When the soup is almost fully cooked, add some barley and a tablespoon of prepared gravy seasoning. Continue to taste for flavor and add a bit of water until finished.

You can check out the entire recipe at the Eisenhower Library. You can also check out other favorite recipes of the Eisenhowers here. I might have to try Mamie's sugar cookies!

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