Friday, September 02, 2011

First Family by Joseph Ellis

I’ve been working on this book forever and finally finished it this week. I bought it as an ebook and I found that made it easier to forget! Between that and life, it took awhile!

In any case, this was a very good read. I have also read Founding Brothers and enjoyed that one as well. Obviously, it is almost impossible to write a biography of either John or Abigail Adams without the other, but this really tackles them as a couple, as a partnership. This really focused on how they worked together and apart over politics. If you want a political biography, this is not it (although it, of course, covers politics to some extent), this is really more about their partnership and relationship. This was based mostly from their letters and book did a good job of incorporating quotes without letting it overtake the book.

I’ve read biographies of both and really enjoyed this take. I actually now am planning to read Ellis’ biography of John Adams plus his biography of Thomas Jefferson as after reading this, I think his opinion tends to differ slightly from the norm, hence I think I will find it very interesting.

I will admit I tend to really empathize with both John and John Quincy Adams as well as Abigail and Louisa, so this is a book definitely for me! If I was in politics (which I have no interest to be in!), I think I’d be like John Adams.

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