Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reagan on FDR

So I was at the MSP airport yesterday and at the table of the restaurant the boys and I ate at were some Trivial Pursuit cards. So, of course, I was looking through them (and keeping Andrew from eating them, but that's another story....) and the question was - who did Reagan first vote for as President. And the answer...anyone? It is FDR. Reagan, who becomes a Republican president, voted for Democratic FDR 4 times! At a tribute in 1982, Reagan had this to say:
In a deft tribute, Reagan recalled his first glimpse of F.D.R. "It was 1936, a campaign parade in Des Moines, Iowa. What a wave of affection and pride swept through the crowd." Reagan obliquely compared Roosevelt with himself; he praised the American ability to "sense when things have gone too far, when the time has come to make fundamental changes. Franklin Roosevelt was that kind of a person too." The President then led a toast to "one of history's truly monumental figures," and the Marine Band blared out Roosevelt's old campaign song, Happy Days Are Here Again.

You can see this from background information, Reagan's parents were Democrats as well:
Jack and Nelle were both Democrats; in religion he was a Roman Catholic, and she an active member of the Disciples of Christ. After Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President in 1932, Jack Reagan was rewarded for his Democratic activism by being named the local director of the Works Progress Administration, a federal agency created by Roosevelt to provide work for jobless Americans. Neil Reagan was also employed by the WPA.

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