Wednesday, October 19, 2011

White House Ghosts

It is that time of year - Halloween! So here are some White House ghost stories and Halloween facts.

I also found
this site, which lists some of the "also ran" ghosts! For instance, these have been reported from the attic:
The ghost of William Henry Harrison can sometimes be heard rummaging about in the White House attic. What he is looking for has never been determined. During the Truman administration, a guard heard the voice of David Burns, who was forced to give up his land for the White House property in 1790, coming from the attic area above the Oval Room.

Second Floor Bedrooms:
President Johnson's daughter, Lynda Johnson Robb, sensed Willie Lincoln’s spirit in his former bedroom on this floor. The cries of Mrs. Grover Cleveland have also been reported coming from this area of the White House. She was the first president's wife to have a baby in the building. In another bedroom, in 1953, the ghost of a British soldier appeared carrying a torch. The husband and wife who stayed there said the ghost tried to burn their bed. The same ghost has been seen on other occasions in the White House and is thought to be the spirit of a soldier involved in setting fire to the structure on August 24, 1814. In 1952, extensive repairs were done to the second floor of the White House. Since then, the ghosts have not walked so actively.

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