Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Jury Duty

So I've had jury duty recently and actually had to go sit at the courthouse today (plea bargain so we got excused and are done), so that's on my mind. So I was wondering - do presidents get jury duty? Well, they do, but they tend to get excused. I have mixed feelings here. So I get that it would be hard for the president to sit on a jury and probably a media mess, but at the same time....it is part of our society, why shouldn't they? Obama did not serve when he was called in 2010 and no recent presidents have:
The Christian Science Monitor reported in 2006 that "in fact, no modern court has had a sitting president on a jury. Ronald Reagan came the closest when he was summoned in the 1980s by Santa Barbara County, Calif. He was granted a deferment until he was out of office. Former President Bill Clinton was willing to serve on a case involving a gang-related shooting when he was called in 2003, but the judge dismissed him."

The CSM article goes into more detail, specifically about President Bush (which makes sense given the date it was written), about why even when called, most presidents would never serve, even if they showed up. I also get that. But at the same time, it is important for our officials to set an example...like this article about Attorney General Eric Holder showing up for jury duty!

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