Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So what do you think?

Okay, so first, I'm going to be honest - I can't stand the Kardashians, refuse to watch them, etc., but I have a fun informal poll for here that I think is amusing.

I was volunteering at the National First Ladies Library this weekend and I was talking to the woman running the gift store, who dresses up as Julia Tyler. She's decided that Kim took her wedding look (that funky tiara) from Julia and she thinks Kim looks like Julia. Okay, besides the headband/tiara decision, I don't see it, but I promised her I'd poll you all. She actually had a guest recently comment on it to her (without prompting), so we were wondering what everyone else thought. I am all for crediting Julia with any good fashion decisions of Kim's, even if I don't think they look alike beyond that! As our Julia said, "I rocked that look in the 1840s!"

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