Friday, November 25, 2011

White House Christmas Tree

Have you started decorating for Christmas? Well, the White House has as the White House Christmas Tree has arrived!

Mrs. Ford did homemade holidays:
Handmade crafts set the theme for First Lady Betty Ford's 1974 Blue Room tree. Emphasizing thrift and recycling, Mrs. Ford used ornaments made by Appalachian women and senior citizen groups. Swags lined with patchwork encircled the tree. She kept this quaint feel in 1975 for her "old-fashioned children's Christmas" theme. Experts from Colonial Williamsburg adapted paper snowflakes, acorns, dried fruits, pinecones, vegetables, straw, cookies and yarn into ornaments. In 1976, Mrs. Ford expressed the "love that is the spirit of Christmas" by trimming a Blue Room tree in a variety of entirely natural ornaments made by members of the Garden Club of America.

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