Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hard "Cyder"

So I started Ken Burns' new documentary "Prohibition." I hope to actually get it watched over the holidays....but that's another story. What I did notice is that John Adams' drank hard cider in the morning to promote health. So I looked it up (wouldn't you?).

You can find in his diaries in 1796 references to drinking "a Jill of Cyder" in the mornings to help with health:
JULY 26. 1796. TUESDAY.
In conformity to the fashion I drank this Morning and Yesterday Morning, about a Jill of Cyder. It seems to do me good, by diluting and dissolving the Phlegm or the Bile in the Stomach.

July 28. 1796. Thursday
I continue my practice of drinking a Jill of Cyder in the Morning and find no ill but some good Effect.

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