Friday, January 06, 2012

Nixon and Ted Kennedy?

Have you been over to listen to the Nixon Tapes yet? This piece is Nixon talking about financing a write in campaign for Ted Kennedy in New Hampshire:
President Nixon:
Is there—Should something be done to finance one of the Democratic candidates [unclear] not sure this would work [unclear] [Ed] Muskie on the ticket.

Colson: Oh, I don't think [unclear].

President Nixon: [Unclear.]

Colson: No, I think, oddly enough, that there'll be some scattered write-ins. There'll be some Kennedy write-ins.

President Nixon: Why not-why not at least . . .

Colson: Finance a little Kennedy write-in?

President Nixon: Yeah. Put this down. I would say a postcard mailing to all Democrats in New Hampshire: "Write in for Ted Kennedy, the man you could elect." [tape whip] [Unclear] hit-get every Democrat in the state with it. Now, that doesn't cost too much.

Colson: No.

President Nixon: See? Just an open postcard.

Colson: We're probably talking just a few thousand dollars.

President Nixon: Hmm?

Colson: You’re just talking a few thousand.

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